Milano Unica, Shanghai - March - 18-20, 2015

Remmert S.p.a. will be present at Milano Unica 2015, in Shanghai.

The headquarters of the edition will be the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai), 333, Songze Avenue, Shanghai.

The Tradeshow

Milano Unica China has become a MUST for clients belonging to the mid-upper/upper market range. The VI edition hosted 127 top-end Italian firms and over 3,900 selected clients visited the Italian Textiles-Accessories Pavillion (+14,7 as compared to October 2013).

The Italian textile industry has become a leader in the Far Eastern market, which is becoming more attentive to western luxury Fashion, demonstrated by purchases of finished Italian products and top-end semifinished articles, necessary for the development of Chinese fashion, which has grown in quality and volume over the last few years.

The demand for luxury goods Made in Italy is on the rise. Behind this “nationalization” of marketing operations, there is strong support from European markets, and as in our case, from the supply of Italian fabrics. Chinese consumers are encouraged to purchase products from “our” designers. However, U.S. and European products, especially Made in Italy and Made in France, are considered genuine “symbolic symbols” of fashion by the Chinese. The Italian textile industry plays a major role in this “tug of war”, representing quality finished products, essential even to the creation of local top-end fashion. Furthermore, in this strategic power play - Milano Unica comes forth with textile-accessories collections of our exhibitors.

The demand for quality women's products is constantly growing, to the satisfaction of Milano Unica. Great interest in menswear has already been reconfirmed at the various editions. Growing demand is ensuing from leisurewear (also high quality Denim) and children’s wear markets.

Milano Unica has become the leading top-end tradeshow in China.

This has been made possible with the collaboration of the ICE Agency, the foreign trade and internationalization bureau, the support of the Ministry of Economic Development and Sistema Moda Italia, in addition to exceptional partners like Woolmark, DHL and Banca Sella.